About Us

Based in Bristol, the home of Cameron Balloons, and the world famous Bristol International Balloon Fiesta.  We are fortunate to see quite a few, full size hot air balloons flying in the sky's, in and around the city.  Anyone who has seen one of these drifting overhead, cannot fail to be fixated at the sight.

Watching these gentle giants drifting overhead, and visiting the Balloon Fiesta over many years.  One year, we spotted models of these putting on a display at the Fiesta.  After making some enquiries, and doing some research into these model balloons, we decided to have a go at making one.  We have since set up this site to give you an insight to the world of model hot air balloons.  We hope that you will find some items of interest.  If you are thinking of taking up this hobby.  We hope this site will give you some useful advise, information, and links to other sites, that may help you purchase your model balloon and accessories.  If you would like to join a club that specialises in model hot air balloons, or find out more information that you are unable to find on the site.  The UK's first and only Model Balloon Club who are affiliated to the BMFA (British Model Flying Association) is a good place to go.

Model Balloons

...are replicas of the full size balloons.  They are still quite large, usually several metres tall, and have an average volume of 20-80 m≥. The envelope is made of the original balloon fabric, the basket is made from wicker canes and contains the fuel cylinders and control box. The control box enables the burners to control the balloon, up and down like on the full size balloons. Where it flies is up to the direction of the wind. The balloon material is of Ripstop nylon, just as found on our bigger cousins, and the basket contains the gas bottles as well as the control box. The remote control box with its technology, ensures the balloon is controlled in an up and down motion, where it flyís is determined by the wind.

The art of the balloon flying - and also the model balloon flying - consists of using the different wind currents in order that the balloon floats in the desired direction.  In each case the pilot must follow his balloon.

The height the model balloon can fly is in theory not limited; the range of the remote control (the same equipment as used for model aircraft) limits it to about a kilometre.

This hobby normally starts with the building of the balloon, then many training hours in fresh air to learn to control the balloon fully.  Although the hobby within the UK is still small, but expanding at a reasonable rate.  There are meetings in the UK, as well as many countries, that have been established for several years in which you can participate, and give much fun and joy, to both the pilotís and the spectators alike.

Model Balloons Flying at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

For more information on, and close up views of one of our model balloons showing the progress of building a basket click here.